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Vintage Quilt topsMeet Modern Quilt Guild

Recently I joined the Houston Modern Quilt Group and discovered an entirely new world of color combinations, fabric lines, and enthusiastic members.

And I happened to spend a delightful hour poking around an antique store in Uvalde Texas. That part of Texas is not known for cold winters and the need for lots of quilts to keep warm as some other parts of Texas do. I expected to find two or three—but over a dozen?

Most of them were still just tops or flimsies–waiting for their ultimate purpose. And then there were the patterns in the fabric–bright orange mixed with pink, gray with orange or teal, loud floral patterns mixed with plaids. I recognized all of the patterns except this one–unknown20block201-m

There wasn’t much space to lay them out and mostly I draped them over a small chest of drawers near by.


A few other treats–an old wringer washer machine, hooked rugs like my grandmother made from old sweaters, and a sewing bird caddy.

More photos are here: