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Getting updated

One of the requirements of keeping a license in Texas is mandated continuing education including ethics. They must also be approved by the state Family Practice organization. Fortunately they put on some great conferences and the ethics hours are always a breakfast or lunch meal so relatively painless.

This year I attended the conference held in The Woodlands. The lectures were mostly interesting although I skipped the last half of the one on medical marijuana and CBD oil in favor of walking along the waterway behind the hotel.

The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny, cool but not too cool—perfect for walking. I really wanted to take a ride on one of those duck/swan/goose boats but did not see where they were launched.paddle20ducks2-mpaddle20ducks-m

It is not up to Riverwalk in San Antonio but it is pleasant.

There are various benches along the waterway–each one different.chiluly20chair20with20refletions20in20glass20building-m

I found a group taking Quincinara photos and another taking high school graduation photos.quicnineara20photos-m

Then there were the tile murals under the bridge.