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Breakfast and Counting

I know a lot of people who like to skip breakfast for what seem to me flimsy excuses–no time, don’t like the traditional breakfast items, trying to lose weight, not hungry at that time and so forth. However, I think I must be largely hobbit as I like to have several breakfasts in one day.

breakfast-mFeatured here is second breakfast–a home-grown grapefruit–why is it that the fruit/vegetable you pick or your friend picks is so much better than even the stuff you can get at farmer’s market?

counting20them-mOn to the task of the day—counting the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association) trunk show pieces and packing them away to fly away to New Jersey for their next showing. There were 58 pieces all about 8 by 10 encased in a clear protective envelope and mounted on black tag board. The local art quilt group had admired them earlier but I got one last look at the lovelies.

returning20saqa20trunk20show-mOff they went to the FEDEX outpost and I got home in time for third breakfast (no photo–sorry)


Tree and Trees

A few minutes ago I updated my Collectors Page to include two pieces that will be shipped off later this week to their respective new homes.

The first piece is a postcard for Sacred Threads, an exhibit held on alternate years somewhere around the Washington DC area. I have had several pieces in the exhibit in past years and have always enjoyed working with the original show creator Vickie Pignatelli. I am not clear on what they plan to do with these postcards but perhaps they will be on sale at some point.


And then SAQA  (Studio Art Quilt Association) is holding a convention in Lincoln Nebraska the last week of April 2017 during which small pieces of art are sold. The rancor amongst those of the group on the Yahoo forum has made me rethink my wish to attend the convention or be associated with the group. This pieces is 6 by 8


Both of these pieces were constructed from the trimming of edges from Falling in Colors. The base fabric is silk, the tree trunks are black rayon free hand cut and then there is a lot of embroidery on the trunks and the backgrounds to finish the pieces. Each piec is bound and backed and labeled. And I have another piece that will grace the front of one of my notebooks–that I am keeping for myself.