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Sea lions

October 20, 2010


walking along the beach

I have been trying to decide what color the water is. Sometimes it is so dark, an inky blue so dark it seems black and far away. Then it becomes a dark turquoise with a soft pea-green near shore mingled with a soft heather blue.

Then it might be a dark greeny blue with a slightly greener heather blue with light turquoise green behind. The amount of the light color is amazingly large compared to the dark but the overall effect is dark.

In late afternoon, the sun reflects off the waves and the orangey hill-mountains patches of orange intermingled with the dark greeny blue of the water. The distant hills are a purply pinky-orange.  Both the sunrise and sunset are reflected on both sides of the sky with the opposite side being less vivid but equally colorful.

Today we take the skiff over to the sea lion rockery. Rafael instructs us on the proper interaction with the sea lions. The puppies are more interested in playing with humans and will swim up very fast until they almost touch the snorkelers or diver’s face mask. They may bubble at the face mask which invites a contest; we were instructed not to bubble back. The sea lions guard the distance between the swimmers and the rockery. Two single kayakers approached the rockery creating a great deal of unhappiness amongst the sea lions. The males roared and several jumped in the water and swam back and forth to indicate the boundaries.

Everyone is tired after an afternoon of swimming and are happy to spend an hour or so drinking pina coladas while watching the sunset and telling stories.