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Holus Bolus in Athens

chicken-mNo Greek food or balaika music. No mustachioed men with cummberbunds dancing and stealing our hankerchiefs.

There was food—looked wonderful.

There was music…..45’s.

There was singing (to the music)

And there was sewing.






And we played with Sharpies and alcohol–I had to fill the little bottles outside as I tended to spill a bit—or sometimes kind of a lot.


And there was even more sewing and a lot of laughing.

And there were a few walks monitored by Fit Bit



And then the ghosts tapping on my door all night long—-figured out it was this! Disappointing but makes for a good story.ghosts20during20the20night-m-2



Safety Pins, Binding, and Deer


One of the pleasures of spending time at a retreat is spotting wildlife. Our group has now been together for over ten years; last year we celebrated with a quilting cruise. We have spent time together in a variety of places–some far, some near–one was ideal for all of us but has since closed and is being sold.

This retreat is at the end of the road–quite literally. Deer wander about and we stop sewing to watch. There were also more than a few feral hogs–creatures that seem to multiply like rabbits or mosquitoes.

img_8653-mOnce again I had forgotten to take straight pins with me–but found a great substitute in safety pins. I finished binding this quilt top as a donation for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild. img_8657-m

Of course we also ate—and celebrated a birthday with make your own individual cake in a cup–topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

I had to leave for work–regretfully cutting my time short. Bills never seem to take a vacation.