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What happens when you select your ugliest fabrics, invite four of your dearest friends to do the same, ask them to bring a small amount of something nice—and then hand a rotary cutter to someone who loves to cut (not me–I am definately cutting challenged–or maybe I just can’t read the numbers on the ruler correctly)?

ugly quilt challenge

Well, you end up with a large bag full of 2.5 inch strips that you sew end to end and then starting at the top sew them into one huge long row. It looks a mess–and is something that once started you must continue on to the bitter end. Here is my piece in progress. It is somewhere in the stack of tops to be quilted.

Festival of Quilts Houston 2007

bernina fashion showHouston International Quilt Festival October 2007

What a whirlwind of a week! Festival is so huge, there just isn’t a way to do everything or see everything or meet everyone you plan. Every year I promise myself to not book myself so fully but the classes always look so great and the exhibits so interesting and then, of course, I NEEDED some more thread so I had to spend some time in the vendor area. But there is always next year.

This year the weather was perfect compared to the year I negotiated the sidewalks with crutches during downpours. The Astros, alas, were not in any sort of playoffs but J.Lo was in concert on Wednesday night and the Rockets played on Saturday. Parking was okay if you got there early as the large parking area in front is now fenced off as a herd of bulldozers and other heavy equipment roams about preparing what is intended to be an underground parking garage. On Thursday morning, attendees were in lines to get into Festival stretching around the block in both directions as well as into the Hilton and walkways.

I started Festival activities by white-gloving quilts Sunday afternoon during Market. I was particularly impressed with Steen Hougs and Inge Mardal’s work. It is perfectly flat and meticulous. I was delighted to meet and chat with them as they photographed some of their favorite quilts in the show. Their color palette has changed from the dark backgrounds to creamy beige. The backs are monochromatic versions of the front images.

On Thursday, I was a participant in the Project Runway luncheon. This was a raucous event even though Pokey kept reminding the many contestants to keep the costumes PG 13. I truly did not know that some of the Festival attendees had been exotic dancers in another life. Our team’s model was Linda, a lovely lady from Scotland, attending Festival for the first time and a really good sport. We did not win, but that night one of my good friends and I were dressers for the Bernina Fashion Show. Fortunately, I was assigned the male model. Yes, that’s the two of us at the top of this entry. And he was as nice as he looked. All we had to do was change jackets, shirts, vests, and ties. Much easier than getting those incredibly tall thin girls into some of those garments!

On Friday, I attended a great lecture by Cyndi Souder on Quilter’s Block, shopped some, looked at the journal quilt exhibit, and then went to the QuiltArt reception hosted by Karey. The food was great, and the conversation even better as we had a partial reveal of our fabricated fairy tales. (more on that later as our initial reveal was at lunch with much hilarity). My friend and I were hustled back to the Convention Center by one of Karey’s gracious staff as we had a class that night.

My class was Grafitti Canvas with Traci Bautista and was fabulous. On Saturday I had another great class with Paula Scaffidi on Machine Felting. Unfortunately I had stayed up until 2 and gotten up at 6 chatting with my friends every night that week. Paula had some great demo videos on her laptop but they required turning the lights down and my eyelids followed suit much to my frustration. I did manage to get some samples made and Paula’s book will be out shortly.

Other highlights include manning the SAQA booth for a couple of hours, putting faces to a lot of internet friends, giving away nearly all of my business cards—one of my goals for the week, buying fun new threads and paints and markers to try in the next few weeks AND Laura Cater-Woods new inspiration study guide.

I’ve posted a few pictures but I was so busy having a good time I forgot I had a camera with me. You can see the photos here.