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Itty Bitty

Sometime ago, now I don’t remember exactly when–maybe 2015 extending into 2016, Quiltmaker magazine published as series of tiny blocks all less than 6 inches. I started making them, making several of many of them–they were like eating popcorn.

Then I put what I had together and quilted it—a fun little piece–that isn’t big enough to keep anyone warm but is just fun to look at.


Itty Bittyness

not sure what happened here—two images of the same thing!

Last year, quiltmaker sponsored a special feature of smallish blocks–itty bitty–all less than 6 inches and most around 4 inches square. It was hard to stop at making just one of those blocks. After making all of these blocks, I decided to put them together in some sort of format. One corner–the top right needed extra fabric to complete the row but otherwise these are all the completed blocks. I especially like the graphic effect of the bowties set end to end.