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Posts tagged ‘photo critique 2016’

Lizzie’s Portrait

This week’s assignment was to do something with a car but abstractly.

Now, I’ve always enjoyed imagery of machine parts, farm equipment, radiators, gas caps, even piles of nuts and bolts. One of my favorite screen print images was a cropped version of part of a motorcycle engine. Another was of a rusted gear. I like to put biological images in contrast with the mechanical pieces.

So, this week I chose to take some photos of hubcaps, crop them and then play with the filters on Photoshop.

Some of my classmates last year took photos that could qualify as very nice greeting cards or inspirational posters. I tried to compete last year, but this year I am going to stick to my set of aesthetics and do photos that appeal to me—although hopefully will come close to meeting the requirements of the class assignment.

So with only a small bit of fanfare—here is the first week’s assignment.

Weir abstracted Car