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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse through the Crepe Myrtle trees in Texas

Last night or rather early this morning a lunar eclipse was scheduled. Diligently I found myself something to do—reconcile bank account, pay bills, and organized a large stack of medical bills. I read, I folded up laundry, I made out a to-do list for today. About midnight I wandered outside in my backyard to see if I could find the moon—we have a lot of really old crepe myrtle trees. I took a few practice photos using the night function on my camera. A few clouds were scattered across the sky but I was sure I could get absolutely wonderful photos without difficulty.  A half hour passed, then an hour and this time I stood on my front sidewalk. I walked to the back driveway and peered upward.  The moon was Gone! A Thick cloud cover had settled in and the moon was invisible—there was an orange-ish glow to the clouds but there would be not elegant photos.

Morning came too soon, but coffee revived me and off to work I went, disappointed and wishing I could have blown those clouds away.