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Hurricane Ike the first morning

Since I lost power around one in the morning, I was unable to post until now. I’ll post them in sequential order over the next few days. Photos are on smugmug at

The most striking thing was the sound. The wind was so loud. I could hear glass breaking and pieces of tin flapping. Ike was so huge it had several bands of wind and one would last an hour or so and then move on with relative stillness.

Hurricane Ike Aftermath 8:30 AM


I spent most of yesterday watching the news and trying to think of things that I needed to do in preparation. I did all the laundry, ran the dishwasher, baked bread, froze water in all the containers I could find that had lids, found the battery operated radio, candles, pump-powered flashlight, matches and set aside some things that I could without the use of electricity. My shop out on Highway 90 is very exposed and has a lot of my sewing things in it, but in the end, they are just things.


So by the time I watched the 10 PM news, I was pretty tired and headed for bed. I had thought briefly about not putting on my nightgown but decided I could put my clothes on if I had to leave—although where I would go that would be any safer or securer than my house was a good question. Around 1 or so I heard a tornado go overhead—there’s no mistaking that freight-train sound. Shortly afterward, I lost power.


The doors rattled most of the night and I heard a few howls of wind but the upstairs is surprisingly much quieter than the downstairs. I woke around 5 with a bit of light peeping through the windows.


It is still raining—the horizontal kind of rain and the wind is still blowing. There is water up to the curb but that is not a surprise. Our gate blew down, one of the motorcycles lost its cover and the trash can blew over. There are lots of little crepe myrtle branches down all over my yard and the sidewalk looks like a crepe myrtle leaf carpet. My neighbors fence blew down but I can not venture far out as the wind holds the door closed against my opening.


I have not heard from my sons but telephone service is very spotty.


I have water and gas—amazing how much comfort is given by a hot shower and the ability to use the toilet although it was a bit awkward by candlelight. According to what little news I have, we are supposed to stay inside until this afternoon. Flooding is heavy in some areas and the levees were breached in Orange. Houston reports over 2 million people without power this morning; in this area 175,000 and we are to expect at least a week or more without power.


The amazing thing is the noise. The wind is so loud. Bands of wind are going through and they switch directions. Sometimes I can open the front door and sometimes I must stand under the car port.