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A day at McFadden Ward beach with two dogs

Toby and Dora playing in the surf on an overcast day

The beach in the wintertime is always delightful. There are rarely many people there and last week was no exception. We wanted to compare it to the one we had just left in Florida. The shells are different–still mostly broken up pieces. The dogs loved it, racing up and down and then exploring the dune area. The dunes are much shorter than before Hurricane Rita and it looks odd to drive along the beach road and see the ocean. A few shorebirds danced along the water’s edge collecting something for their midmorning snack. The dogs were sopping wet by the time we left and Dora slept most of the way back. Toby is like an energizer bunny and never seems to run out of energy.


Dog Sitting and Toothbrush Rug Making

Glen with Charlie and JakeLast week we had some special houseguests. Our middle son spent some time in Maine with his girl-friend’s family—and we grand-dog sat his two very large dogs. Jake is a lab; Charlie is a pit bull mix. While both are incredibly sweet and well-behaved, they are LARGE.

They ran and played in the pond, found every mud puddle in the back of my shop, investigated the shed and got ‘lost’ inside for two hours while Glen ran up and down in the field calling, slept in the bunk bed –snoring and kicking—so that Glen had to sleep on the floor, ran the vacuum cleaners every day—what a lot of hair they shed!, and watched movies with us every evening. 

Since I was post-op knee surgery, I couldn’t do a lot of running around with those dogs; instead my dear friend came by and we tore up ugly fabric—stuff that I actually selected the bolt, carried it up to the counter, and asked for a certain yardage—definitely enough time to rethink that selection. Our intention was to start our toothbrush rugs—we had lots of giggles as we tore up that fabric, and then I started the first row. It isn’t hard and once started it was a perfect activity for watching movies.

 Part of it is visible under Jake’s nose. They were too big to both fit onto the couch comfortably with Glen—so each dog picked an adult.

They were fun, and I missed the patter of huge feet throughout the house just ten minutes after they left, but we were glad to have the house back to ourselves and to not have to worry about where we put our plates of food–both of them could help themselves to things on the table and kitchen counter. Serving things from the oven rack is probably not an Emily Post suggestion.