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Climate Change Blog Action Day

Climate Change in Blog Action


Today is Blog Action day, a day in which bloggers around the world all write about the same topic.


Climate Change which I interpret as environmental responsibility is this year’s topic. I think there is a natural cycle in weather changes that we are as successful in changing as wishing for a hurricane to not form this year. How we managed to escape another hurricane this year cannot possibly be due to anything ‘we’ did or thought. A grand conspiracy by some group of companies that stand to profit by hurricanes or a particularly evil person’s idea of fun or an invention by a particular political party to sway elections is a great plot for a movie or best-seller—but not realistic.


I do, however, champion responsibility. Green zones in cities, clean water and air, trash properly discarded, and judicious use of resources—all of them—and living in a responsible way. Using something just because it is there and throwing it down because someone else is supposed to pick it up is simply deplorable. Stuffing your body with food, getting something new although the old one works just fine, driving around the parking lot endlessly to get a ‘close’ spot are just as damaging to the environment as a candy wrapper tossed out the car window. And although I think the beach cleanups and neighborhood cleanups are misguided—the same empty lot near a set of ‘nice’ houses gets ‘cleaned’ each year rather than engaging the apartment dwellers near an overgrown wooded lot filled with appliances, and furniture, and fast food wrappers—I still stop to pick up trash and put it in the trash can.


If all of us were not too good to think about what we do and reduce our personal excess, to live responsibly with terms of our personal environment, then surely that will spread and the whole world will be a better place.


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It’s early in the morning on Thursday and I’m heading to the Houston Quilt Festival. Hopefully I can post from there tonight.