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Chromatic Grays and Saturated Colors Day One

Lotus Tree Blossom

Lotus Tree Blossom

The day was dreary with intermittent rain—a good day for keeping paint wet and workable.




Our first task was to mix two grays—a warm one and a dark one.


Our next task was to mix a variety of chromatic grays.


Our second task was to mix a variety of saturated colors.


Gouache is a new medium for me. The newsprint ran from my brush and I ended up with a lot of streaky looking stuff. I had the same problem with watercolors. I was secretly relieved to find other students having the same difficulty.


At lunch I went for a walk along the creek. It was overflowing the road  there was a tree across it that the kitty-cat used—but I was a bit hesitant. The farm is lovely with tulip trees, jonquils and violets blooming in profusion. Unfortunately it is also raining—not just a gentle drip but a downpour and my feet are soaked.


We all struggled with the concept of chromatic grays and muted colors. It became a bit clearer as we worked through most of the classes’ work (not mine though). We looked at a few slides of mostly Amish quilts in chromatic grays. I think we were all tired after the first day and voted to go home early. ( a little after 8)


My truck was stuck—in the mud—and John had to pull me out with his tractor. Neither of us quite grasped what the other intended and it took us a few tries but at last I was out—and back to Shaw’s for a glass of wine in the bar and another read of the first two chapters.


Photos of the farm are here on smugmug: