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Japanese Magnolia

When we first moved into our house here in Beaumont some thirty years ago, our yard was full of blooms–from jonquils and snowdrops to camellias and azaleas and wisteria and crepe myrtles. One lone Japanese Magnolia was in the front–and occasionally would produce a blossom, sometimes none. The yard guy dug around it, we pruned it, we pulled the climbing vines away from it. This year, despite our odd winter weather with several freezes we have had four blooms. Not quite the same as others all around town with huge trees covered with pink blooms, but for us, this represents a small victory.

How does my garden grow?

It almost seems unfair to post these photos–but my lettuce is just about large enough to provide a steady supply; if all the cilantro continues to grow, I could probably supply a local Tex-Mex restaurant.

And then there’s the azaleas–not quite as showy as usual due to the drought we had last year. I should have a nice showing of daffodils in about two weeks, and the snow-drops next week.

Today was a lovely warm sunshiney day–a bit too chilly for me to sit outside but pleasant enough to walk about and do a few minor gardening chores–pull a few weeds, replace the netting around the lettuce –and yes I should have broccoli next week.

Pawprints: Toby unearthed the night-blooming cereus; today I replanted it–and gave her a few stern ‘no’s and finger-shaking. At some point I guess she’ll grow out of this stage, sort of like kids out-growing their paste eating days.