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Festival Frenetica

Now that my feet and back have had a chance to recover, it’s time to put a few thoughts down about Festival.

International Quilt Festival is the largest convention held in Houston with over 60,000 attendees according to this year’s brochure. It occupies all of the George R Brown although this year it shared Discovery Green space with the Korean Festival. It is overwhelming and some people think they can ‘do’ the show in just and afternoon–or even a longish day–but there are miles of vendors and then there’s the quilts. I did take photos but as I did not think to include the maker’s name, those photos will remain for my personal viewing pleasure but I will include a few of what I would refer to as installations shots.

I took two classes, one by Anita Solomon on Patience Corners and another by Gyleen Fitzgerald on Pineapples. Both classes were excellent and I wouldn’t mind taking another class with either of these two knowledgeable teachers. I also sat through a few of the teacher tidbits forums–Patti Culea and her dolls and Brecia with improv silk knitting. Excellent presentations and I think their classes would be fun.

A word or two about the quilts.

The French had a rather surprising exhbit of very precisely pieced traditional styled quilts–from the precision and tiny pieces I would have guessed Japanese.

A yurt provided an inside and outside look at panels.

Coats and Clark provided a historical display of their history along with a Mona Lisa done in pixels of spools of thread.

The Korean Festival featured a lot of Korean barbecue and spirited drummers and dancers.

Some years have a definate trend among the vendors or quilts; this year I thought the offerings were conservative and perhaps a reach into the beginnings with more traditional patterns. Of course I came home with three quilt backs, thread to quilt them with, and some tiny English paper piecing templates!

It was a fun event; I always think about attending another city’s festival but feet and pocketbook nix that thought.