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Posts tagged ‘American Patchwork UFO Challenge 2019’

Number Three

My mother was a quilter and left me quite a few unfinished projects along with her fabric—lots of rust and turquoise==my least favorite colors. I’ve been working on finishing the little pieces as baby quilts for her great-grandchildren–but it has been slow-going.

There were quilt tops for each grandchild to be given on the occasion of their wedding–I have four left–two handed out this year.

And then there was this piece.

She had a class of quilting students–and together they decided they wanted to make a smallish wall quilt commemorating the establishment of Prairie du Chien–I think—I really don’t remember what event they were focused on—but here it is—-

I put it on that UFO list I talked about yesterday—and wouldn’t you know it–but it was number three and the number that was drawn for the month of January.

I had hoped it wouldn’t be the very first month—but here it is—and I’ll have to figure out how I want to finish it—and then take it to the new library in town and see if they have a place to hang it.UFO203202019-M

Triangulating a Finish

happy20scxrapper20triangles202018-MI’ve been working hard at converting quilt tops into finished quilts. I am really good at making lists–but somehow the list-making got done but the items on the lists just moved around–and never moved to the ‘done’ section.

Last Year I signed up for the American Patchwork UFO challenge–listing 12 projects and working on them in the random order determined by someone picking a number. I think I finished ten of the 12 projects I listed—plus several others. This one was not on the list, but now it is quilted and ready for  binding.

It is easy to find the one block I turned the wrong way in this quilt—but it will have to stay there.

Some people don’t like the binding part—I don’t mind–and it never seems to take long. What I didn’t like was basting the top, batting, and backing. Now with Vivian–my Gammill, that is no longer a procrastination creator.

And yes, I filled out my form for another year.