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This piece is 12 by 12 and will be going to the SAQA site for auction this fall. The hexagons are English Paper pieced 1/4 inch across, placed on a blue silk hand dyed sky with hand-dyed foreground. Each hexagon is fastened with a Frendh knot and the piece is completed with hand quilting.


Tree  8T by 6W

This piece is for the SAQA mini quilt auction at the conference in Lincoln Nebraska the last week of April 2017.

The background is stitched together bits left over from the Falling Colors piece created for Stretching Art Tradition in 2017 and will be touring with the Mancuso shows throughout the USA.  After stitching the background together, I  freehand cut a piece of black rayon for the tree trunk image and then spent some time with hand embroidery enhancing the tree. It is bound, labeled and will be for sale at the SAQA convention.

And there was enough leftover for this small postcard that will be going to Sacred Threads for their sale later this year.


This piece is 4 by 6…a typical postcards size. and constructed in the similar fashion as the piece above.

Here is the original Falling in Colors completed piece.


a full description of its creation is on my blog.





Wild Azalea 2016  9T X6W

This little piece was donated to the SAQA convention fundraiser in Pennsylvania earlier this year and was bought by Iris Karp of MISTYFUSE. About ten years ago, my husband and I went on a sightseeing trip just north of here to see the wild azaleas blooming in the wooded areas that have since been cut for pulp. The understory was full of these beautiful delicate flowers. I used one of my many photographs of them as inspiration for this little piece.

Working small is a challenge in itself as there is no room for error.

Thanks to Iris Karp for purchasing my piece and to SAQA for letting my work be seen.




Trinity and Lena Bartels died in a tragic house fire in January 2016. My nephew graciously allowed me to use his photo of them in younger years to create this piece of artwork for them.

You can follow along as I created this piece on my smugmug site at

Here is the completed piece.


for Adam and Rebecca Bartels–my nephew and his wife

July 2016 26TX26W


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