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A Few things About Me

I am a native of Wisconsin and grew up on a small farm on Shanghai Ridge near Eastman Wisconsin. Summers were spent barefoot, picking blackberries, chores, hoeing the garden, and chasing fireflies. Winters were spent riding the school bus, working on picture puzzles, loading firewood, and helping with the milking. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1977 and moved to Augusta Georgia with my husband.

After 8 years, we moved to Beaumont Texas where I worked for two different oil and chemical companies. After our three boys finished school, I went back to school and completed a Masters in Visual Arts. Now with an empty nest, I am ready to venture into what I hope to be my second career–a fiber artist. I am now working part time in an indigent clinic and hope to retire soon to my farmhouse on Shanghai Ridge for the summers and in Texas for the winters.

My work has been displayed in many venues around the world including Quilt National. I have a hard time seeing my ‘voice’ although others tell me my work is distinctive and recognizable. Sometimes I don’t remember the piece because the act of making the piece is the most satisfying. However, my work has ventured into story-telling and I hope that each piece will resonate with viewers.


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  1. Joining the blogging world, this site will be used to document my works in progress. I have always kept a notebook documenting my work and now I’m going to join the cyberworld with an on-line version of the same. I hope that this will spur me on to work more and inspire others to do the same.

    January 31, 2007

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