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Fluttering is not such a bad thing

One of the things that occupied my thoughts this past year was learning how to make/bind/create books. I have taken some classes at the Houston Quilt Festival, bought books and some tools; but then I discovered a wonderful site on facebook featuring hand-made books. In the midst of all the vitriol posted about masks and politics, this was a welcome spot—just interesting and supportive. Although I know a lot about fabric, paper was a whole different world.

I took some zoom classes with the Printing Museum in Houston—those were fun and joined the Hand made Book Club and have been trying to keep up with the various books she posts each month–with such great videos for each step along the way.

One month’s project was a flutter book.

I wrote a short story about Monarch butterflies–milkweed grows along the fence rows on my farm. I have been thinking about using my crumb pieced blocks as book cloth instead of paper. I am not expert yet—but will keep working on it. Here is my flutter book.

You are Never Too Old

A happy childhood is never out of reach according to Tom Robbins. I have never read one of his novels; but this quip has been oft repeated.

One of the things I never did was fingerpaint. Maybe it was deemed too messy or too frivolous or too expensive. We did not have art until fourth grade and the messiest project was the one where we colored a piece of paper with our crayons, then painted it with black paint and scratched out a drawing as we removed some of the black paint.

Recently I thought I might try something new—making books. One of the projects was making paste paper. This is adult finger-painting.

The steps are simple. Start with paper–a fairly heavy paper. Wet it on both sides. Spread some paste (I used pre-mixed wall-paper paste) colored with acrylic paint( I bought a six pack of acrylic paint from Dick Blick for about $6 several years ago), then manipulate the paste/paint into designs.

I used a cut-up foam brush; the bottom of a thread cone; some sort of rubber grid from the grouting section of Home Depot and a scrubbie. The paper was ‘pastel’ paper.

I hung it to dry on my makeshift clothesline. paste20paper20lineup-m

Now I have a nice selection to use as book-covers or maybe even the pages of a hand-made book.

It has been fun learning a new craft–the terms, the forms, the artists. And a challenge to use what I have. I have no idea why I had pastel paper; I don’t recall ever working with pastels—but experimenting and learning new things is a happy childhood.

Here are closer-ups of the papers;paste20papter202-mpaste20paper201-m

Something new

This quarantine has been challenging—and although I am not really doing anything much differently from my usual, life feels stale and stagnant.

With so many entities posting on-line courses and challenges, I decided to try making some hand-made books. About ten or more years ago, I made a lot of fiber based books and I still enjoy making covers for Marble notebooks along with fiber postcards. Working with paper requires different skills and I am certainly an amateur.

This month’s challenge was to make book cloth; and use it to make a slim case bound book. I used a mixed media paper, the cardboard backing from one of those yellow lined legal pads, tissue paper from a gift and a small strip of fabric adhered to fusible interfacing.

I’m not sure I got the grain of the signatures aligned properly; the signatures are not sewn as closely together as perhaps they should have been and I somehow managed to sew one signature in upside down—-but it is done and ready for me to paint/draw/glue stuff onto its pages. slim20case20book-m

the end paper was a scrap paper used to clean up from printing


and here you can see the spine with the signatures


the other people on the facebook group have posted some wonderful pieces; I am a complete novice at this—but it has been fun and a good diversion.