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Denver here I Come!

Life has thrown a few obstacles/challenges/opportunities in my life.

Having to retire due to health issues was discouraging and I needed to define a different future than I had planned or envisioned.

I took up making hand-made books—lots of fun—and although clumsy at first, I can now turn out a respectable looking book.

I returned to hand embroidery—-my hands and eyes are not as coordinated as they were in the distant past.

I worked on finishing up quilt tops–much easier and faster with a long-arm—also a bit awkward at first, but now I can turn out a fairly servciable and neatly done top–not a show-stopper or winner–but serviceable and pleasing to my eye. I am finishing up quilt tops left by my mother and grandmother–and It feels great to have them in a finished state.

And then I decided to return to painting.

In high school art class, I painted with oils. There weren’t a lot of techniques other than learning how to stretch a canvas and prep it.

In graduate school, I had a semeseter of water color painting. We were supposed to set up our palette and create a lot of wet paint and were supposed to provide an image we copied—no instructions in types of brushes or mixing colors or using masking fluid.

I had lots of stuff—plenty of supplies.

I reviewed videos and read and listened.

And I decided to jump in and learn plein air painting—–

And so here I am at the Plein Air Convention in Denver.

This is the outside pavilion of the hotel. I’ll show you some goslings later on. The fountain was intermittent and I never figured out its sequence.

***This is all written after I have returned home and trying to make some sense of it all.

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