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Review, an Injection, and First Communion

Last week was long and filled to the brim.

On Tuesday we drove through some really nasty weather–pouring rain so hard the semis were driving at 40 miles an hour, Tessie panicked screaming she couldn’t see to drive—neither could we.

But we made it to Glen’s appointment at the VA.

Valet parking is not something I’m accustomed to doing—but in this case, if we wanted to be at his appointment close to on time, it was our only option. The VA is very organized with people in yellow slickers directing traffic and efficiently dealing with anxious paitents and spouses.

The CAT scan showed the lesion to be larger than the original lesion, the radiologist did not seem concerend—but we must now wait three months for the next scan. Waiting is one of the most difficult parts of this.

We stayed overnight in a hotel as I had an injection scheduled for the next morning. We try to schedule back to back things–so as to avoid the multiple trips to Houston.

I was pleasantly surprised to have a good experience with the injection. The radiologist was skilled, cometent, quick, and talked to me during the procedure—a vast difference from the previous one by a ‘pain management specialist’. That experence was miserable. As an Emergency Room physician for so many years, I had ample exoeruebce in managing pain and anxiety in the patient, patient family, and nursing staff—not easy but doable expecially if the technically expert with the hands so as to concentrate on the psychological aspects.

On to more pleasant subjects.

Our oldest grandson was scheduled for his First Comminion.

There were 136 children in the group, the girls dressed in lovely white dresses and head gear rainging from a band of flowers to veils. The boys were all in suits with ties; interestingly, many both boys and girls wore sneakers—- James wore polished black shoes as did his little brother.

It was an impressive ceremony, the church is immense and quite lovely with stained glass windows, and a wonderful choir.

Afterwords we adjourned to Seasons 52 for a wonderful brunch/lunch prepared by Chef Eddie.

We drove home—tired, but so glad to be home after three long days in Houston.

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