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Magnolias and the Scent of the South

A large magnolia tree is in our back yard. It was a favorite climbing tree for my three boys as the limbs seemed to be placed perfectly to fit the lenght of their arms and legs.

Across the street was an even larger magnolia tree. It was hit by lightening and then termites set in, It is gone now with not even an indentation in the lawn to mark its former location.

I think I was too busy in those early years here to notice the lovely scent of the mganolias.

Now that I am retired, I have time to sit and enjoy the faint breeze through the open windows—the few days in which we use no heating or air conditioning. The windows are screened; a few mosquitoes manage to make their way inside—riding along the coats of our two border collies who no longer run as fast they used to—-but then neither do I.

Sometimes the small things of life are the most lasting in impressions.

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