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Tulips and Toronto

I am now in the midst of the delightful task of sorting through and editing photos from the past week.

It had been a very long time since I had flown–anywhere…and it is certainly different. We decided to run down to the airport and ask about boarding passess the day before my trip betgan.

I had two carryon-ss a backpack and a weekender bag. That backpack was HEAVTY! I also had a heavy shirt and fleece vest. It feels so odd to carry winter clothing when the temperature here is in the mid 70’s,

Boarding for me was without incident although I did have to take off my two watches to clear the metal detector. Someone ahead of me argued about each item she was asked to remove—making everyone else staniding and waiting.

Arriving in Toronto, I had to answer some questions before being allowed to enter. They wanted to know my purpose in being there—I had a choice of ‘study’ ‘returning national’ ‘business’ or ‘immigration’. I decided I must be there to ‘study’.

I managed to find a place to exchange money and then made my way to the train to take me to downtown Toronto. There was plenty of graffiti to see along the way–interesting in that none of them overlapped. Of course I didn’t take any photos

All the maps to the hotel detailed ‘brisk walks’ as opposed to saunters I suppose. It was a bit windy and the streets were somewhat uphill for this person who now lives in a very flat place.

It was spring there—and there were plenty of flowers, tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths.

After checking into my hotel, I wandered around a bit and found this center square area.

I asked a bystander to take my photo just to prove I was there.

It was not warm enough for me to pose without all that outerwear on–you can’t see the three shirts I have on underneath or that my teeth were chattering.

Registration for the event was open and I picked up my badge, swag bag and took photos of the bojagi pieces hung on a large frame—Chunghie Lee is the keynote speaker on Sunday.

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