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Picnicking on El Camino Real

Near the Port of Beaumont, there is a historical marker describing one of the well known cattle trails, El Camino Real.

The trail twisted through Texas near a river or two. I don’t know if the cattle were shipped by rail–we have a rail yard five blocks east of our house, so we hear the trains switiching at 4:30 in the morning—and frequently blocking access to downtown.

But then there was also a large port where presumably cattle could be shipped via boat to eastern shores and markets.

We stopped at this stie for a picnic lunch on our way to Austin for my conference.

Live oaks are always a pleasure and this spot had quite a few.

It is also customary to get photos of bluebonnets each spring. We did spy some along the roadsidem, but this was as close as I could get to them—and these are not bluebonnets-…purple being near blue on the color wheel.

And if you wondering what we had—it was sushi and fresh strawberreis.

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