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See How Far I’ve Come

I’ve always liked books–the way they felt in my hands, the stories they told, the colors, the pictures.

And I liked writing stories, usually inspried by something someone said or a childhood memory.

I made fiber books, illustrating them with novelty fabrics and images I designed.

But then there are real books, ones with paper and covers.

I took some classes at Houston Quilt Festival one year and made several.

And then I got busy with other things.

The prospect of making a ‘real’ book was still intriguing.

I decided I would make a journal for a conference I planned to attend in Toronto Ontario.

I watched Youttube and scrambled amongst the piles of stuff in my sewing room (NOT a studio–it is a sewing room)

I bought some watercolor paper, cut the backing board in two for covers and glued fabric onto those boards, folded the paper. and then tried to think of how I would put it together.

Then Covid, the conference canceled and the parts of this book put aside as an UFO—

A friend was a member of the Hnadmande Book Club—and I joned—lots of Zoom things and on-line classes during Covid—

Now that conference is rescheduled and will be this weekend. And I’m going.

And I finished that first book.

I did not know I sholdn’t glue fabric directly to the bookboard—if that is even what it is. The glue has seeped through in spots, some of the fabric is not secure—-but look at that stitching—it was EASY! Although I must confees I had to sew the first signature in three times before I figure out how to hold it so it wouldn’t fall out before I tied that first knot.

But I also worked and finished this book.

Every book I make has a lesson to learn—and this one was about not using black book cloth for the spine. It was nearly impossible to see even with good lighting—but I did finish it.

These two books will go with me to Canada for me to draw and write in—memories of my trip. There might be a photo or two of the insides–when I get back—

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  1. I am a craft person, but wouldn’t have a clue about making a book. Well done for persevering!

    April 27, 2023

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