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Can’t eat just one

I’ve named this series of quilts as Cookie Crumbs—but maybe I should re-consider and call them Potato Chips or Fritos or……

The proces is simple.

I sew small pieces together, trim, add more fabric pieces or perhaps combine two previosuly combined pieces together until I have a piece of ‘fabric’ 6.5 inches square. I use that size because it is large enough to use up a lot of small pieces but not so diddley I am accumualating a lot of blocks.

I had a huge box of these squares, and I thought I had come to an end of them—but I found a box with another stack of them—so I will need to figure out yet another setting for these blocks.

This one uses a strip on each. Side—I had some leftover jelly rool strips I did not have enough to make anything, and beign miserly–after all I am sewing blocks from fabric pieces some–maybe most–would toss—I used those strips as a strip between rows of blocks.

These blocks are roughtly constructed as log cabin blocks taking care to have large pieces on the perimeter to make piecing the rows together easier.

They are always brigh and cheerful and so satisfying to create.

I take these photos on the front porch hainging them by clothespins from a clothesline I strung up along the porce overhang.

I could spend some time in cropping and making a formal portrait—but I reserve that for my art pieces—this is a functional piece–made for picnics or cuddling up in front of a fire while reading a good book.

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