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A Wedding Dress

: Learning to sew in 4-H meant practicing on simple gathered skirts and aprons. It didn’t take long for me to enjoy more complicated patterns the more pieces and complex the better.

I wondered what it would be like to sew a wonderful wedding dress. I was not into lace and fluff—but simple elegant lines.

My wedding dress was velvet with covered buttons. I so wanted to sew it myself but my dad said it waas extremely bad luck to sew your own wedding dress.

I am sure I hurt my mother’s feelings when I said I did not want her to sew it—instead my favorite aunt was volunteered.

They had me try on my cousin’s wedding dress along with my mother’s dress—both were satin and lacy.

I felt rather silly in all that lace and fluff.

My aunt—good sport that she was–sewed other wedding dresses and wedding attire–one of my brothers’, and his daughter.

To get back to my thoughts here—

Last week I had doctor apontmetns in Houston, We try to take the opporutnity to take in avisit to a museum–Houston has a wealth to choose from.

This was in the Museum of Natural Hisotry and Science.

This is a traditional wedding coat for an aboriginal tribe in Alaska. Look at all that gorgious beading. Did the bride make this herself? or did she have an Auntie Hazel who labored hours over this intracate patterned beading.

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  1. Quilter Mom #

    Well, I haven’t noticed any bad luck from sewing my own wedding dress! 😊 it’s interesting to see the wedding attire from different cultures.

    April 24, 2023

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