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The Quilt Museum in LaGrange Texas is hosting a juried show featuring All Creatures Great and Small.

I don’t remember when I discovered James Herriots’ series of books regarding his adventures as a veterinarian–and then my youngest son also fell in love with his books.

Some yeasr ago I took up beekeeping. I had alsways wanted to do so since my days on the farm. But the time was right a few years ago and i started with a recovery hive generously given by a local beekeeeper as a removal.

i then took a class in beekeeping which included a hive of bees—they also were a recovery and were mean-spritied.

That hive was requeened and I now have four activie hives; and we just split hives to three more nucs—started bee hives that are qaueenless and have to make their own queen.

My bees tend to be sweet natured–and don’t mind me standing in front of their hives to watch them going in and out—it is reminscent of an airport–a very busy airport.

So when the Museum announced a juried show about creatures—I did this piece.

Here you see it on my design board. .

I have made the sleeve, the tube for the washers to weight the bottom, the label and will be sewing those down.

Then it will be time for its formal portrait.

I don’t know if it will be accepted but it has been a fun piece to make.

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