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Squares and Stripes

Yesterday I wrote about my grandmother and her favorite quilt pattern.

Somewhere in all my ‘treasures’ I have the well worn hexgon and butterfly template from HER mother. Those templates had been so well used, the heaagon no longer had equal sides but was elongated. As the pattern she used involved tiny diamons around the perimeter of each hesagon flower, I suspect she would re-draft the template. The butterfly was applique so its distorted shape was not a problem.

I think, however, my grandmother would re-cut her templates to be sure they were accurate.

And here is a box of scraps she left behind. Fifteen nine-patches were at the bottom of these carefully cut scraps. Those are sewn together and will be quilted with the end=product being another teddy bear.

But what to do with these?

I’m thinking I will put them back in the box they came from–there is another stack of rectangles to become another StarSteps to Heaven…I think they need to rest awhile before I figure out what comes next.

In the meantime I do have other projects.

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