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Walk a Few More Steps with Me

Wondering how I should organize my life, preparing for a future with limited vision, I thought about all the things I wanted to do that required good vision.

That list was daunting and I didn’t even want to write it all down.

Instead I decided I needed to learn what aids were available to someone with limited vision–and to learn to use them before I needed them.

A local optometrist spent an hour with me, showing me a variety of devices to aid my vison.

Life will not be the same.

I will still do some things…but not in the same way.

One of the devices will allow me to once again read my Bible. I did not realize how much I missed doing so—and yes, I know there are ‘apps’ that will read it to me—but seeing that app and operating it are not the same as reading it for yourself—and I cannot see that tiny font on my phone.

There are driving options available—limited roads, no night driving, and some really fancy telescopic glasses.

But I am not ready for those yet.

I will continue to write this blog, experiment with devices as I need. While I could wish that this is not something I must endure, wasting time on self pity will not change what has happened.

I will update at intervals; I am not alone in this journey.

It will be an adventure, not one I chose, but an adventure nonetheless.

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  1. I am a procrastinator. I tend to put my head in the sand. But eventually, I face whatever knowing it’s not going away and I must act. What a good idea to not wait until you need the options that will help you. Not sure that would have occurred to me or if it did, I probably would resist for longer than necessary. Time well spent. What a strong spirit.

    April 8, 2023

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