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What was I thinking?

I find the urge to finish projects almost irresistible…and not just mine but other people’s.

My mother left behind a lot of starts and some finishes.

My gradnmother left behind some starts–not as many—but still several.

And of course, I have my own starts and not finished—did I run out of time? enthusiasm? or not sure what needed to be done next? or did I miss a deadline and all impetus to complete the project dissipate?

But why did I buy this package of quilt pieces at a local resale shop?

It came from sone-one’s sewing room, cleaned out as part of an estate sale or pehaps as a down-sizing due to certain circumstances.

I listed this project on my UFO list and dug it out to complete.

the seams are 1/8 inch—not 1/4 inch. the squarea a 2 1/4 inch on a side. All a challenge.

I studied the construction of the block—so interesting–and so different compared to what I would have chosen.

The seamstress sewed the ladder of four patches making sure she had four sets all alike–then added the gray setting squares.

Here are some photos of the assorted pieces as I worked on them.

I’ve completed the top; it is in the line to be quilted. I’m contemplating how i should quilt it–I’m leaning toward a series of straight lines only–its simple and easy.

Looking through that box, I find two other plastic bags containing parts started by this same seamstress (I think) as the color palettte is much the same.

But those bags will have to wait for another day—I have a few of my own projects to complete.

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