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A Butterfly, A Stab, and A Celtic Two Step

And how would anyone put these things together?

Someone who is making hand-made books.

I’m not sure why this binding method is called buttefly but here it is. The covers are two water color experiments ona rather cheap but sturdy paper.

Then there is the botanical book made with a traditional Japanese stab binding. I used that cheap watercolor paper as the pages and Kraft-tex as the covers. I decided I don’t really like Kraft-Tex. It is hard to sew, hard to punch holes although I used the hole punch. It takes paint and markers well but it just doesn’t handle the way I like. I have just three more sheets of the stuff.

The interior pages are decorated with a bamboo quilt dipped in ink to write and draw. It functions like a dip pen–rather fun but takes a bit of practice.

Then there is the Celtic Weave book.

The covers again are that cheap watercolor paper I used as a test for colors on a painting. The sewing was done in two separate sessions–the link stitchs on the ends and then the Celtic Weave in the center. The weave part wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be as the signatures were all stabilized by all the link stitches. I did discover the value in tying a knot on each needle–thus preventing unwanted practice at threading needles—there were four needles to keep track of here—and then two for the Weave part.

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  1. I’ve got to get moving on some books. I found signatures already folded and ready to go that I can use for the butterfly book which intrigued me partly because everyone said how quick and easy it was (I too don’t exactly get the reference) and was so excited to see the Celtic Weave that I immediately collected the paper I’d need for it to set aside with the directions. Didn’t realize it took so many needles! I’m kinda on the fence about Kraftex. I bought a roll of the unwashed in black (didn’t want white and couldn’t commit to a color) and I do like the way it takes paint and art crayons when stenciling, and the one book I’ve made from it is holding up well, much better than I anticipated. But it was a binding with slits so I didn’t have to sew through it, just cut the slits. Anyway, no books until I finish the current baby quilt I put on hold while I played with that art journaling “retreat”. Love seeing yours though.

    March 17, 2023

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