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The Pen is Mightier than the Pencil

My class in composition ended last week and we were all challenged to a 30 day challenge committing ourselves to a certain number of drawings per week.

I don’t like to be so public about this kind of thing. But so far I’ve done a drawing a day.

Some are from some of my thousands of photographs, some are from real life.

I find going back to the pen much easier; landscapes tend to lend themselves to value studies much more easily than what are ‘portraits’ although the one I did today was a sunflower; and the one several days ago a spoonbill.

Still it has been a fun project–if nothing more exciting than looking through my photos, pruning them—why four photos of sunflowers at just a slightly different angle?

color in this drawing would have aided the definition of the bird; it is a light pink; and the water was an increible blue.

an again, an incredible blue sky, bright yellow petals and medium to dark green leaves.

What shall I draw tomorrow?

I’ve got lots of photos to peruse.

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