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A Green Goalie

Last Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day–not too hot, not too chilly, a light breeze enough to keep mosquitoes away but not blow away umbrellas.

We were invited to watch a grandson’s soccer match. He plays goalie but he had not been feeling well the day before and missed that set of games.

Still it was great to see him play although goalie ends up with a lot of bodies and feet flying along with the soccer ball.

While this is a youth team, the parents have banded together to lease a fancy camera that tags each player and the ball as the match is played—along with a goalie cam behind the net.

It was an exciting game with a lot of goal attempts, a lot of coaching from the parents on the sidelines. We sat among the opponent team’s parents–fan perhaps I should say—a wide mix of language–Spanish, English, Chinese…no bad words that I knew.

Afterwards we presented James with birthday present—the adult version of Robin Hood—he had read the Disneyified version but was pleased to have an adult book.

His younger brother whose birthday was the previous week got a book on drawing animals—he immediately got out his crayons and remarked that someone else had colored in his new book—until his father pointed out that those were directions on shading.

Our son had a new device in the bed of his truck, designed to assist in his friend’s busines of cleaning trash shafts in office buildings. A pressure washing hose is placed in the bottom of the shaft and hauled up by hand—a laborious process. His new device makes this process much easier. He was delivering it after the soccer match and thought he would be making more of them and of course modifying them.

We drove back home, ate fajitas for two at our new favorite Mexican restaurant—took home half for the next day—

It was a wonderful day.

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