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Trying a Value study with a pen and ink

My six week class has ended. I think I gave the pencil drawing a good try; But I have drawn with an ink pen for many years, and I thought I might try value studies with pen and ink.

I’ve tried makers-=–and that also requires a different technique and thought process—but seeing value changes in an outdoor landscape or even a photograph is not easy.

Here is my first try at pen and ink value study.

The drawing is 4 by 6—I traced around an index card to get some boundraires.

I am also not accustomed to working so small.

Buit it is a start.

And for those of you who might wonder—although I am a native of Wisconsin, I had never been to Door County. Last fall, we drove to my farm near the Mississippi and then over to Door County. It was fall and so not many tourists—few choices of restaurants but then not much traffic either.,

We toured the Cana Island lighthouse area, traveled across Lake Michigan in the SS Badger; and had a great time.

I’m not sure what image I’ll choose for tomorrow’s drawing–I’ve got a wealth of photos from Texas and Wisconsin. Nice to have a lot of options but sometimes too many options are more challenging than just a few.

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