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Tiny Stars aka What was I thinking?

Sometimes I start a project with a great deal of enthusiasm and then about halfway through I rethink the advisability of that project.

This project is one of those.

I bought the pattern, complete with tiny plastic templates at Quilt Festival some years ago. I know it had to be quite a while as my latest purchases have focused on specific items—cone thread for my Gammill, zippers for purses (I like to make purses, but I don’t change mine–maybe once every other year or so), wide backings, specific novelty fabric. One year I bought my Olisco iron–and carried it all day long—it is HEAVY!. Another year, I bought a case of Sulky hand embroidery thread—and the following year the next case of more colors. I’m still using it—and enjoying all those luscious colors.

I don’t remember when I bought this pattern, but I collected fabrics I thought appropriate in scale for this project, cut and sewed quite a few stars, decided I wanted to frame them with triangles, and cut them in groups of four.

A more ambitious person might have fussy cut those star points and those framing triangles.

I am now trimming the few I have completed. Only 38 stars left to piece, frame, and trim.

It will not be a useful item. It will be too small to function as a quilt for anyone

It will not be a work of art.

But at some pont it will be a finished project; the shoebox containing it and unearthed during a organizeing/spring-cleaning/de-cluttering frenzy emptied and ready for another project.

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