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Is that even a word? And if so, did I spell it correctly?

None of that really matters as I think everyone can guess my meaning.

So, at the last quilt show, I bought this vintage top. It has cut off corners, some dreadful color combinations and flimsy fabric as the outside border. I bought it with the intentions of making a quilted coat from it.

I chose a sunny yellow brushed cotton with a western theme to be the inside or lining of the coat.

I measured carefully—but as it turns out–only two sides—and they were not the longest.

I ended up with a shortage of backing/lining.

I discovered this problem as I was working on the very last row.

Since I will be cutting this up, I think I can manage to get fronts, back and sleeves from this—and then some wonderful leftover bits to do some fun smaller projects.

Some people might object to this use. I could have taken it all apart and sewn accurately; replaced that flimsy outside border, replaced that interiro sashing with something more to my liking—but it is so wonky and therefore I think will be so wonderful and fun to wear.

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