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Old Knees

I had always wondered what cypress knees would look like. There aren’t many cypress trees in southwest Wisconsin. Besides heading to the beach or Cat-Tail Marsh, the Big Thicket with its diverse ecology is always fun to explore.

Today was promised to be overcast with a 20% chance of rain. There were a few moments when we thought we might get soaked—and we did—but it was sweat—-it was humid and hot!

Mosquitoes enjoy this kind of weather and chased along our two dogs as they marked the trail to be sure we..or at least—they could find their way back to the car.

We didn’t encounter any muddy spots or need to wade through water as we have in the past—in all, it was a great day for a hike in the woods.

I’ll spare you the photo of our aching vintage knees; but here is a photo of those cypress knees.

The water is tea colored but amazingly reflective.

Our path was littered in places with tiny yellow flowers.

The majority of the trails are dirt covered with pine straw or oak leaves with the occasional boardwalk over some of the boggier areas.

We ate our lunch at the SunDew Trail, Toby and Dora were entertained by the nearby rooster cxrowing at intervals.

I think they will sleep well tonight.

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