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Four days of a thirty day project

There is a great deal of interest in the past few weeks about the one hundred day project.

It sounds daunting—but it does tend to develop a habit–a habit of working consistently on something and developing skill.

I wanted to improve–learn–water color painting and so I embarked on a thirty day project.

Here is my setup.

The flower is a zinnia from one of my front flower beds.

I lasted exactly four days..

I painted that zinnia from the side. I painted lying on the table. I painted it from the top.

I made it a different color..

And then we took a trip to Door County. I took my paints and supplies with me—but there never seemed to be time to sit for a few minutes and paint. Painting while riding in a car with watercolor requires more dexterity than I have—even drawing with a pen–is challenging,

When we returned home, I did not know where I had put all the pages I had prepped for this project.

I’m sure I will find them—maybe when I do a bit of cleaning and re-organizing.

I have discovered it is far easier for me to bind pages together after finished than to work in a completed book…except for those commercially made sketchbooks.

People are ramping up for the One Hundred Day Project…I mght try again.

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