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A Winter Wonderland

We don’t get snow in this part of Texas—and I am not pariticularly unhappy about that. I shoveled enough snow when I lived in Wisconsin. Still, it is pretty—but only for a few days and if you don’t have to go anywhere ,…like work or school. And it is always followed by the season of mud–mud everywhere, and flooding rivers due to the snow melt.

However, last year or maybe it was the year before, Alex Anderson had us owrk on a birdhouse quilt.

Of course, I made it my own by making it a winter window scene.

I included the birds I would have seen—cardinals, black capped chickadees–but then a bluebird for happiness. And because there are no blooming flowers outside, I included a pot of silk flowers. A squirrel–always on the hunt for birdseed is perched outside looking in.

Feeding birds in the winter is followed by setting out nectar for hummingbirds in the summer months. Bird-watching from a warm kitchen in winter months and from a lawn chair in the summer afternoons is a pleasant past time.

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  1. Love it!!😍This is so charming — I can see a successful series of jigsaw puzzles marketed with your beautiful quilting designs 🤗

    February 19, 2023

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