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Flight of the Bumblebee

This year there was an interesting proposal for a piece of artwork.

Choose a piece of music and make a piece of art (quiltart) in response.

As a beekeeper, I had to choose the music Flight of the BumbleBee. Although I do not keep bumblebees, I keep honeybees—or more accurately I provide a space for them to occupy, and I collect their honey from time to time.

On display at one of Mancuso’s shows, there will be a QR code liking the music to the artwork. Viewers can play the music while viewing the piece.,

My master’s thesis was based on interpretation of various pieces of music. I coupled the music with a visual artist–and my interpertation of the music in the style of the visual artist.

But enough verbiage, you want to see the artwork.

Note the hexagon flowers, the same architecture of the honey comb.

And here are two details.

That blue pindot represents their huge eyes allowing them to find their way to flowers and to return with a tiny drop of nectar ready to be transformed into honey. Each bee flies many miles in its lifetime; their life span is quite short in the summer—-our grandparents would have said–worked their fingers to the bone—but in their case, wore their wings to tatters.

It was a fun piece to make. I hope the viewers at the show enjoy it—and maybe someone will buy it.

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