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Velvety Goodness

When someone you know realizes you sew, you might be asked to shorten pants or sew on a button.

When someone you know realizes you quilt, you might be asked to repair a family heirloom.

My former cross the street neighbor asked if I could repair a quilt made by her grandmother.

It is velvet with finely emboridery feather stitch around each patch and tied with pink yarrn. It is heavy!

And one of the green velvets has disintegrated, leaving the underlying backing along with the uneven edges of other peices showing.

My embroidery can not match the quality and so I chose to do a simple blanket stitch around each piece.

Here is the quilt .

Here is a sample of what I needed to repair

and here is a patched part ready for me to embrodier

Reparing is not as easy starting from the beginning. I needed to avoide piercing the entire set of layers. There were multiple areas needing repair. I also tugged and checked each piece of velvet to ensure it was stable and did not need replaicing.

It is now completed; I’ll put a label on the back–i found a tear in the bacvking; and include my information along with the original seamstress.

It was a pleasure to work on this project—but I’m not ready to take on quilt repair as a sideline.

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