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Poppy Mae formerly known as Chilihowie

My middle name is Mae.

My mother’s middle name is Mae.

My grandmother’s middle name is Mae.

I have a great niece whose middle name is Mae.

When I was five, my dad asked me to pick out some flower seeds—and of course I picked Poppies–they were bright red—also my grandmother’s favorite color.

I bought this fabric several years ago=—I don’t remember how long ago it was.

I decided to use it as my color palette for the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt she offers each Thanksgiving.

After all that sewing, I seamed together the background—and the design is Poppy Mae.

So the quilt is now Poppy Mae!

It is now resideing in the stack to be quilted by Vivian Mae—my Gammill.

On the left side is the background, the label, and the red is for the binding. On the right–the finished top,

For those who hate to make labels, I make them as I am tidying up after completing the top There are always extra bits and peices and I use them to border the label, some people cut and prepr the binding at this stage also, but I don’t mind waiting until I have finished the quilting as sometimes I use leftover backing as the binding.

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