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A Button Flower

Two of my friends confessed they did not have green thumbs.

One did not have garden space and so she painted flowers on her windows; bright red and yellow tulips.

One said she could never remember to water plants and so she bought a small sculpture made of wood–a painted yellow tulip in a green pot.

I’m more of the stick in the ground and say God Bless You–and if it grows and thrives—great and if not—well, it was an experiment.,

But during this past winter, we have had such cold weather I had to hole up in our upstairs bedroom and sewing room–the only rooms we could keep reasonably warm.

With time on my hands and itching to do something outdoorsy—but staying warm, I worked on this.

The background is a printed linen scarp from a wedding quilt I made for my youngest grand-daughter—trying to get ahead here–she’s jsut eight—but it isn’t quilted yet either; the button is one of my grandmother’s mother of pearl button from the Mississippi River near my home town in Wisconsin.

It is winging its way off to the Spotlight Auction offered at the Studio Art Quilt Association conference–this year in Toronto.

It is always fun to see the wide vareity of styles and motifs. The piece is 6 by 9 inches—so s ncie size to experiment with something new—and not a huge time commitment.

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