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Spring is Here

Our weather here on the Gulf coast has always been a bit–or maybe a lot quixotic at best. I can remember Halloweens in which we needed to wear jackets and Christmas mornings in shorts and T-shirts. We’ve had some cold snaps recently and we seem to have lost–once again–a Meyer’s lemon tree AND two of our gardenias. I think they had been stressed from last year’s cold, and although this year’s was not nearly as long or as cold—it was just too much.

Looking at the sad dead branches makes life seem a bit hopeless—but then, what a surpirse! Here are the azaleas bursting out in bloom—at least a month earlier than other years—I keep a photo log by month of what is blooming around our yard,

The jonquils and snowbells are also blooming–and each year we promise ourselves we will dig them up and split them so as to have more blooms, Our two dogs seem to be fairly oblivious to them and wander through them carelsessly—but then I think they add a bit of fertilizer now and again.

So it is spring and a time for flowers and renewal.

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