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A Rabbit’s Year

The twelve year cycle of animals has always been a bit fascinating—although I can claim no Asian heritage or even a toutist’s view.

This is the year of the Rabbit in China—the Cat in Viet Nam.

I waas born in a year of the Rabbit—it seems to be a bit like a horoscope with postive and negative personaliuty traits. How much of that is really true is probably equivalent to all the facebook quizes regarding names or types of gemstones or inner childr or whatever is the latest fad.

However, I do like to participate in the quilt block drawings—I hope I don’t win—as I don’t need new projects. But I like to try a new block, new color combinations without committing to a full size project.

And so I did this Rabbit block.

And since February has Valentine’s Day, there was this fun block.

Although I like to think of myself as an artist, I do these blocks to play with color, and to maintain piecing skills. The more mastery I have of sewing, the easier it is to express my artistry.

Some art quilters do not think they need to sew very well–‘the art will speak for itself’. For me, though, the limitations some artists face because they lack craftsmanship skills, sets them back. They struggle with the mechanics of their vision, instead of flying free.

I have never paitned a large abstract–unless you consider my living room walls as a painting, I have never worked with porcelain clay, but when viewing art objects in a local gallery, the poor craftsmaship of a poorly constructed and braced stretcher bar painting or the uneven edge of a porcelain bowl draw my attention to those areas—not the idea intended by the artist.

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