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A Window and a Pearl Button

I have been a member of Studio Art Quilt Association since nearly the beginning some thirty years since Yvonee Porcella was President and the original organizer. The organization has evolved and in some ways not to my liking. The last president and board seemed more focused on social issues than on art. I am planning on attending the next convention to see if I wish to continue membership.

In the meantime, though, there are fund-raisers. There is an annual 12 inch square piece set up as on-line auction. And then there is is the Sptolight held at the convention which features ‘largish postcard sized pieces.

These are fun to do, not very time-consuming and a place to explore something new and perhaps not in my usual style.

The peces are displayed in pre-cut mats—with an opening of 4.5 by 6.5; to make sure my design fits, I cut a window in this file folder and cleverly also labeled the window size on the folder.

I’ll take it’s formal photo later—when we have some sunshine again—it is too dark with drizzly rain outside to take good photos.

The background is a printed linen, the ‘ground’ is wool challis, and that is a pearl button flower—a button from my grandmother’s button collection. At one time, the Mississippi River was the source of shells that made pearl buttons. Since they were locally made and therfore relatiely inexpensive, she had quite a few.

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