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Waiting for Spring to Sprung

This part of Texas is not designed for cold weather. Our houses let heat out–a plus for our summers of 100-degree weather but not so great when we have below freezing temps. Christmas week was chilly; the tops of our spring bulbs all frosted, our Meyer’s Lemon tree–third one we’ve replanted since the big freeze two years ago dropped its leaves. The gardenia and rosemary are brown sticks.

But looks at these joyful jonquils! One year they had budded out and the blooms were covered with ice—that ice melted and we had these gorgious blooms.

The redibud is not quite so dramatic—just the flowers—but see that honeybee up on the top? Those of us who keep bees—or rather have beehives on our property are always anxious to see if our hives survived the winter—-and here is one little bee going about her business.

We have more drizzly and chilly days ahead—I want to plant lettuce and more radishes and it is time for peas to go in too.

I am lucky that here in this part of Texas, I can garden year round—and not just look at seed catalogs and dream.

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