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First Day Hike

Several state parks post a number of ‘first day’ activities. Usually, they are ranger guided hikes through the park. This year I noted a “First Day Paddle’.

That sounded fun.

So we called and inquired.

All the rain of the past few days have raised the rivers/sloughs/bayous to early flood stage—so it was a no go.

We studied the sky after church—there were a lot of dark clouds; it looked like imminent rain. But we gathered up the dogs and found our way to Cat-Tail Marsh. Quite a few other people were there as well—all wanting to be outside after so many days cooped up with rain and cold weather.

We could hear the coots amidst the reeds. No doubt there were other varieties but the only ones we could see were the egrets—and they were at a considerable distance from the walking path.

They don’t seem to pose for photos.

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