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It is a New Year

After retiring, time seems to take on a new dimension. There is no work scheduled, perhaps a few doctor appontments here and there, some vehicle maintenance, vet visits for the dogs, and the days tend to run into each other.

The pandemic was part of that—with few places to go and our world limited to on-line forums and our yard/house.

Our recent cold spell necessitating hibernation in our upstairs as the warmest part of the house has added to that timeless feeling.

Still I am very goal oriented and task dedicated.

This New Year, my first full year of real retirement is one for exploration and adventure. While I may be limited in some of the activities requiring physical endurance, my mind is still quite functional…although some of those daily jumbles make my brain scramble.

Some people choose a word as a focus for their year; others write resolutions that fill the gyms the first two weeks of January.

I haven’t figured it out yet.

My father had an old German/Czech proverb—-whatever you spend New Year’s Day doing, that will be what you do the rest of the year.

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